The Southern California alternative rock band are kicking off 2023 –

Promising to be their most active year yet – with the release of their new single “Rescue Me”

Announcing the first of 3 EPs dropping this year, Midnight Control Sessions: Night 2.

“Rescue Me” is an ode to California

With a breezy vibe and lyrics that encapsulate the undeniable impact that the Golden State has had on the band.

DIRTYHEADS will soon be announcing their annual Summer tour in support of the new EPs.

@dirtyheads Stoked on all the love so far thank you guys, should we add it the the set list?! – Jared! The “Rescue Me” music video is OUT NOW! Watch the full video by following the link in our bio to our Youtube channel. #RescueMe #DirtyHeads #NewMusic #california #CaliVibes ♬ Rescue Me – Dirty Heads

“This song is about the spirit of California and the influence she’s had on us as human beings. The beach, the desert, and the mountains, all available within the same day, waiting with open arms to feed your soul.”

Jared Watson – Vocalist


Directed by Jay Teegardin and Dirty Heads vocalist Jared Watson,

It reflects the tone of “Rescue Me” featuring surf, sand and images that evoke the spirit of California.

The band’s forthcoming 4-track EP, Midnight Control Sessions: Night 2, featuring unreleased songs, remixes and special guests is due out April 14.

The collection of EP’s dropping in 2023 will feature songs written and recorded during the Dirty Heads’ Midnight Control era.


DirtyHeads are a musical force that have captivated audiences with their unique blend of reggae, hip-hop, and alternative rock.

Formed in 2003, they have become a global phenomenon

With fans all over the world clamoring for their infectious sound and high-energy live performances. 

The sound is characterized by their catchy, upbeat melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and electrifying stage presence.

Whether performing for thousands at music festivals or for more intimate audiences at smaller venues, they always deliver an unforgettable live experience.

They global appeal reached new heights in 2021 when their hit “Vacation” (2017) garnered over 4 billion views and streams across social media.

Via the ubiquitous #VacationTransition challenge that originated organically with users on TikTok.

The song, with an increase of 850% in consumption on Spotify in the past year, took on a new life in many ways, introducing Dirty Heads to new international fans by the millions. 

Jared Watson and Dustin Bushnell, the two front men of the band, both bring a unique energy and synergy to their songwriting and live performances.

Their musical chemistry is matched by their longtime friendship, which has been a driving force behind the band’s success and longevity.

The rest, Jon Olazabal, Matt Ochoa, and David Foral, provide a tight and driving rhythm section that keeps the crowd moving.


With six critically acclaimed albums and numerous hit songs to their name, they have established themselves as one of the most dynamic and innovative bands in the music industry. 

In 2008, DH released their acclaimed debut album Any Port in a Storm, with a deluxe edition following in 2010.

The deluxe version featured the track “Lay Me Down” with special guest Rome Ramirez of Sublime with Rome.

The song reached number one on Billboard’s Alternative Songs in May 2010, and nine weeks later it established a record as the song with the longest stint atop the chart for an independently released title.

They followed up two years later with Cabin by the Sea and later recorded an acoustic version of the title track.

This, in turn, led to an entire acoustic album in 2013 called Home: Phantoms of Summer.

The Future

The next album, Sound of Change, would prove to be a breakthrough for the now-veteran band,

Debuting at number eight on the Billboard Top 200 while topping the Independent and Alternative Albums charts upon its May 2014 release. 

Building on their renewed success, they enlisted a bevy of industry hitmakers to work on their self-titled 2016 follow-up

Which — thanks to its mainstream appeal — again charted high on the Billboard Top 200.

The following year saw the band drop its sixth studio album, Swim Team, featuring the singles “Vacation,” in its original form, and “Staloney.”

Inspired by current events and the fan interpretations of their music in the #VacationTransition challenge.

The band went into the studio to work on new music.


In 2021 the band released The Best Of compilation, which included a new collaboration with Travis Barker and Aimee Interrupter of The Interrupters.

DIRTYHEADS released their highly anticipated 8th studio album Midnight Control in August 2022

Which featured 10 all-new songs including their take on Joe Walsh’s 1978 hit “Life’s Been Good.”

This band impact on the music world extends beyond their music, as they have become cultural ambassadors for their generation.

Through their music and activism, they have inspired countless people to embrace a positive and inclusive message of love, hope, and unity.

This has made them one of the most beloved and influential bands of their time, earning them countless accolades and awards.

With their signature sound and powerful message, DH continue to dominate the global music scene

Setting the standard for what it means to be a true rock band.

They are a living testament to the the power of music to bring people together.

Their music will continue to inspire and captivate audiences for generations to come.

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