Abaddon’s End releases “Absent In Adolescence”

Abaddon's End releases "Absent In Adolescence

We are thrilled to announce the latest release from Abaddon’s End, the dynamic musical powerhouse that has been firing on all cylinders.

With a rich history spanning six years, Abaddon’s End has consistently pushed the boundaries of sound and emotion.

“Absent In Adolescence,” a song that encapsulates the poignant experience of losing a role model during one’s formative years.

The track poignantly captures the void left behind by such a loss and the subsequent journey towards finding strength and gratitude within the pain.

Serves as a beacon of inspiration for those who have walked this path and a guiding light for those who may encounter similar trials in the future.

“This song is a reflection of the lessons we learn when faced with loss as young individuals.”

Adam (Bach) Liebersbach,

The distinct sound of Abaddon’s End is an amalgamation of diverse influences, resulting in a musical tapestry that speaks to the very soul.

Their ultimate goal is to create music that resonates deep within, fostering a visceral connection between the artist and the listener.

The band continues to evolve and push their boundaries, inviting listeners to embark on a musical journey that resonates with the soul.


Abaddon's End Nu-Metal band from SW Wisconsin.
Nu-Metal band from SW Wisconsin.

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