SOULIDIUM reunites to bring you their first new single “Phantom in the Wire”

Soulidium, a band known for its captivating music and explosive live performances, has made a triumphant return after an 8-year hiatus.

The quartet is back with a bang, unveiling their latest single and a groundbreaking SFX/AI-driven concept music video titled “Phantom in the Wire.”

A Legacy of Addictive Music and Powerful Performances

From their debut release “Children of Chaos” (ADA/Warner Music Group), Soulidium has been capturing hearts with their addictive music, self-directed music videos, and electrifying live shows.

The band’s unique horror-inspired brand style and powerful sound gained international recognition when their song “Trapped” was featured on the Lionsgate SAW IV Motion Picture Soundtrack and Director’s Cut DVD.

Creative Renewal and Promising Future

Following their debut success, Soulidium continued to make an impact with their second album, “Awaken,” released on October 30, 2015. The album featured the powerful metal duet “Fly to the Sun,” featuring the prominent Sevendust vocalist Lajon Witherspoon.

After the release of “Awaken,” Soulidium took a temporary hiatus, with members exploring individual creative paths. Michael McKnight, the founder of Soulidium, took time away from the music scene to successfully develop the award-winning Tattoo Division of Dark Empire Entertainment (DEE-I), alongside his wife Carolyn McKnight (Tattoo Artist and participant in Inked Magazine’s Best Ink) and Angelina McKnight, a 3D/SFX Artist.


Inspired Reunion and a Promising Musical Future

Amid the challenges of 2020, Michael and his former bandmates felt the urge to reconnect, realizing that there was no better time to reignite the powerful creative synergy and enduring friendship they had shared.

In 2022, Michael officially reunited with his Soulidium companions, who are already deep into the creation of their third album, titled “Revolution.”

This upcoming album, set to be released through Dark Empire Entertainment in 2023/2024, promises to be a monumental achievement in their discography.

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