DEFIANT Unleashes Latest Single ‘Don’t Wanna See Your Face’

Defiant, the 4-piece band hailing from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is on the brink of releasing their latest single, ‘Don’t Wanna See Your Face,’ via Curtain Call Records.

Since their formation in 2018, Defiant has crafted a distinctive musical blend, incorporating elements of punk, alternative, classic rock, and heavy metal. Their unique sound has garnered attention, and they have established a solid reputation with electrifying live performances at venues across Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic region.

Noteworthy appearances on bills alongside acclaimed acts like From Ashes to New, The Texas Hippie Coalition, Kix, L.A. Guns, Buckcherry, Puddle of Mudd, Tantric, and Otep have further solidified Defiant’s presence in the music scene.

The band consists of:

  • Albert Halterman (vocals and guitar)
  • Joe Defiant (guitar)
  • Paul Barlowski (bass)
  • Paul Cochran (drums).

Defiant has built a reputation with their high-octane live shows, performing at venues throughout the United States.

Explore the rebellious spirit of Defiant, boldly resisting norms in hard rock. Infused with influences from punk, alternative, classic rock, and heavy metal, they’ve carved a unique niche in the industry.

Watch the ‘Don’t Wanna See Your Face’ video and get ready to experience their defiance in hard rock.

Don't Wanna See Your Face
Curtain Call Records

Curtain Call Records

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