Riley’s L.A. Guns album release date announced!

Get ready to rock” is often said, but this time it’s fitting as the legendary hard rock powerhouse, Riley’s L.A. Guns, gears up to unleash their highly anticipated album, ‘The Dark Horse,’ courtesy of Golden Robot Records.

After dominating the music scene with their debut album, ‘Renegades,’ these rock icons are poised to take you on a wild ride with their sophomore masterpiece.

Scheduled for a thunderous release on January 22nd, ‘The Dark Horse’ is far from your average album – it’s a sonic revolution.

Recorded in the heart of Los Angeles at Stagg Street Studios, this album, led by the incomparable Steve Riley, boldly explores dark and moody melodies that delve deep into the haunting issues of our time.

This isn’t just another album; it’s a testament to Riley’s L.A. Guns’ unrivaled identity and their fearless pursuit of innovation.

With each track, ‘The Dark Horse’ invites you on a journey, urging you to embrace the raw intensity of their music. In a world where conformity reigns, this record is a declaration that, for Riley’s L.A. Guns, louder is always better.

So, buckle up for a wild ride because ‘The Dark Horse’ is about to hit you like a sonic storm – are you ready to rock?

Riley's L.A.
Riley's L.A.

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